Handmade Gold Sunrise Shell Earrings

- Size: One Size

- Energy: Pure ocean energy

- Material: 24k Gold Filled (Gold filled is a quality alternative to pure gold with all the elements of pure gold, such as strength, beauty and durability (10-25 years lifespan). Gold filling is not just a plated layer of gold, but an alloy. Also wearable in water and suitable for allergics)

Hawaiian Sunrise Shell Earrings

  • There is so much more behind our jewelry than just shell jewelry.


    We - the Leilani Shells Team - have been traveling around the world and oceans for more than five years.


    During our travels, we became more and more conscious of our polluted oceans.


    We launched Leilani Shells to create awareness about the dying oceans.


    With every purchase, we support the organization 'Coral Gardeners', who’s mission is the restoration of the coral reef.


    In this way, we are able to give something back to our precious ocean.



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